5 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Our air conditioners become our closest companions during the sweltering summers, offering much-needed solace and relief from the heat. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your AC operating successfully and efficiently. AC Sky, the premier provider of AC on rent in Gurgaon, presents you five professional suggestions to maintain your air conditioner functioning properly. By putting these maintenance procedures in place, you’ll not only increase the lifespan of your AC but also prevent costly failures and repairs.

It is essential to have an air conditioner, especially during the summer. As important as this fixture is, many homeowners do not understand how it works. Knowing a little bit about your air conditioner will enable you to carry out some preventative air conditioning maintenance procedures that maintain your system operating at its best. Here are a few pointers to help you prolong the life of your air conditioner.

1.Clear the Condenser Unit

Your air conditioner’s condenser has to be cleaned often. It is often located outside your home and ends up collecting trash, dirt, and other particles, which are then carried by the wind throughout your home. Use a coil cleaner, flush the coil out, and let it dry to clean the device. Finally, use a brush to clean the condenser’s fins.

2. Examine the Evaporator.

Examine the evaporator in your air conditioner occasionally. It is located in the plenum, which is the space above the furnace. If you have independent access to the evaporator, make sure to frequently wipe it out. It is recommended by experts that you clean your evaporator thoroughly at least once a year. Your air conditioner will last longer if you do this. To clean the evaporator, take off the screen or buts, the foil from the front of the plenum, and the plate. To remove the dirt and any other buildup from the bottom side of the evaporator, use a moist cloth or towel. A shrub can also be used for this.

3. Check the Freon Level

The Freon used in air conditioners is what chills your house. Any unit that is missing this part won’t be able to keep your house cool. Make sure your appliance has enough freon inside. Contact AC Sky for a qualified technician to assist you in determining whether your air conditioner’s Freon level needs to be checked if you suspect a problem.

4. Replace or Clean the Filter

Make sure you take the grill off your air conditioner at the start of each summer. You may either completely replace it or clean it. Be sure to check it at least once every month as well. You should clean and change your filters more regularly than usual if you live in an elevation region where there is more wind, sand, or dust than usual.

5. Clean the System Fan

While it is running, your air conditioner is kept cool by fans. Check to check whether the fans are filthy by looking at them. Fix it before it becomes an issue if there are any residues, dust, or crooked blades on it. To reach the fan, open the cabinet. Wipe it off with a moist cloth. If the blades are slack, reposition them by tightening them. Additionally, if the fan has oil ports, fill them with a few drops of non-detergent motor oil at the start of each summer. This will enable the system to function at its peak effectiveness.


For efficient functioning and a longer lifespan, your air conditioner must be maintained. You can make sure your AC functions well and save needless repairs by heeding these five professional advice from AC Sky, which provides the top quality Ac service in Gurgaon. Simple actions that go a long way in maintaining your AC in good shape include routinely cleaning and replacing air filters, emptying the outside unit, planning expert maintenance, establishing ideal temperatures, and cleaning coils.

Therefore, whether you own your air conditioner or are renting one in Gurgaon, keeping it in good working order can keep you cool and comfortable during the sweltering summer months. Enjoy worry-free cooling for years to come by following these maintenance procedures to keep your AC operating smoothly and effectively.

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